Religious art

The link to the divine through artefacts has had meaning since the dawn of humanity. The use of shrines, relics, light and vessels is as steeped in tradition as is the church services to which they belong. The manufacturing of religious objects has been a strong element of the Harjes` workshop for three generations.
Harjes products range from the small communion candle holder up to the nine arm candle holder and the baptismal font, for the most religious festive occasions. With the warm lustre of the bell bronze and the traditional hand crafted manufacture, they are impressive in form, formation and size, so that they perfectly compliment the space and the occasion.
Religious artefacts are remodelled many times to the wishes of the customer, and then cast in bell bronze. If you have a special requirement we would love to hear from you. At the end of their complex manufacturing process, all Harjes´ products are carefully inspected and then individually signed.